Reate Knives

Reate is a brand synonymous for building and producing high quality knives.  Our founder, David Deng, is a long-time knife enthusiast, with a background in mechanical design and manufacturing, he constantly strives for excellence and detailed perfection in all the knife designs produced by Reate.  We are capable of producing the highest quality knives for any market, and we use only the best professional production equipment to achieve that objective.  Such as; Wire EDM Precision Cutting, CNC high speed engraving machines, Laser engraving, Milling operations, CNC Grinding, Low Temperature Tempering Furnaces, custom hand finishing work, just to name a few.  Our management, and production teams consists of seasoned professionals that have the expertise to get the job done.  We are properly equipped for delicate work, all the way to the most demanding production and manufacturing requirements.  We hold some of the tightest tolerances in the knife industry; excelling at all levels of production projects.  We take great  pride in our customer service, resulting in return business.

We also design and make our own knives, and have produced fine work for some of the top knife makers in the world, easily adhering to their high quality standards.  We believe in producing knives that exude quality, and we constantly strive to innovate, which we know is one of the keys to developmental progression.