Curtiss ODT Flipper

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ODT Flipper. Original Dog Tag. I have worked on this design since September of 2011. It is finally done. This knife has had many changes to get to this point. The knife started life as a very thin liner lock style folder. During the years it has been a friction folder, liner lock, frame lock and finally a frame lock flipper. After this many years I will say the knife is fully developed. I did send out the prototypes for 3 months of testing with several knife enthusiast. It passed their test with flying colors. So with that being said, I give you the final version of the ODT Flipper. Here are the specs:


  • Overall Length - 3.00"
  • Closed Length - 2.00"
  • Blade Length - 1.00" both vertical and horizontal
  • Weight - 2.2 oz.
  • Blade Thickness - .160"
  • Blade Material - CTS-XHP
  • Frame Thickness - .160", .500" overall
  • Frame Material - 6AL4V Titanium
  • Also available with a Carbon Fiber show side 


    Other notable features are the S.P.O.T. pivot system with the blade running on caged bearings, shouldered standoffs and stop pin. The frames have a blasted and dark stonewashed finish. There is no pocket clip on this knife. It fits perfectly in the watch pocket of your jeans. When closed, the knife is exactly the dimensions of a regulation dog tag. The knife comes with a new zippered case.